Ivy Ranch Programs

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for infants to thrive. Our infant program is specifically curated to follow each infants individual care plan that is provided by the parents and guardians.

We provide daily reports for parents on how their infants spent their day. Daily activities would include, tummy time, sign language, story time, singing and music and plenty of love.

Our toddler program includes curriculum that will stimulate development for young children to meet their milestones. Daily toddler activities promote social skills, language development, and motor skills. 

Our three and four year olds are given a space to be creative in a learning environment. Our pre-K curriculum is designed to prepare young children for Kindergarten by encouraging social interactions, instilling color and number recognition, and fine-tuning motor skills by incorporating arts and crafts. 

Our before and after school program includes transport to and from Community ISD and Royse City ISD schools for K-5th graders.

Our Summer includes a day program for children ages 5-12 years old.